To be successful is to learn from past mistakes and to move forward. Self-compassion is the way to do it.

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Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” - Henry David Thoreau

I believe in me

Why are you struggling?


You are struggling because of limitations imposed by your conditioning and your perceived ideas of what society demands of you. It is of utmost importance to realize that the boundaries of these limitations can be (and should be) redefined – and the only person that can do that is YOU. Your position in the community is determined by the limits you allow to be imposed on you.

Our struggle is against our own and other’s limitations. We are imprisoned in a steel cage with words like: “you are not OK – you’re stupid – what’s wrong with you” when we’re young. Self-Compassion is to look after yourself and not trying to react to these expectations of our community or circumstances. The truth is that when looking for the key to our cage later in life, we often can’t find it. The key is: The realization that the cage never existed!

Most of us are hoarders. We hang on to all the bitter, destructive, unkind and uncharitable emotions. Self-Compassion helps you to be kind to yourself about mistakes you've made and let you accept them as building blocks and not stop signs. After allowing you to look at yourself with self-compassion, you can start with a new, more positive view of your circumstances only then can you look forward to a life of abundance!


Don't delay - Don't deny yourself the life you CAN live now.

In contrast with working on your Self-Esteem, - where you concentrate on past mistakes and how to improve yourself to deal with the future - the influence of Self-Compassion on your life is that you become a better you. You don't have to deal with the past mistakes and you can start living in the present. Do you worry about tomorrow and do you live in your remorse about the things you did yesterday. Be mindful and concentrate on what you are doing right now.

Living with doubt is a struggle. You must have an unquestioning belief in the fact that can achieve your dreams. Your dreams must be exciting and not mediocre. Without faith, you will never make it.

You are struggling because of your health. You need energy, drive, and stamina to be happy. You must be fit, have the right weight. Watch out what you eat and how much you eat. If there is something worrying you about your health, visit your doctor and be certain to get the correct diagnosis.

Are you struggling because you don’t want to pay the price? Do you face the obstacles and overcome them? Step out of the crowd, leave your old habits and try new ones.


Being a member of the human race you are a relational being and your happiness, your deepest contentment depends in essence on the quality of your relationships. Your joy doesn't depent on the things we think it depends on.

Self-Compassion has to do with becoming the the true you and not becoming better at doing things.It is about the relationship with yourself.

God, The Creator, created human beings in his image. He created you uniquely to relate imtimately first with him and thereafter with the people around you. You can only relate well with yourself if you relate well with God and with others.

You were created in the image of God with a capacity for a relationship with God. You are a child of God.

A Self- Compassion Exercise

You might think that video is too simple but life is simple and once you've found out how the influence of Self-Compassion on your life impact on your joy, you'll experience real life.

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