Congratulations on purchasing the Manifestation Miracle Secret System. You have just taken the
first step towards tuning into your one true DESTINY.
Because right now, you KNOW that you were destined for more.
You know that your life isn’t quite what you want it to be.
You can actually FEEL your mission calling you.
Because … you WANT a life full of abundance, joy and success, and …
You know that you will NOT feel fulfilled without this incredible destiny that’s waiting for you
right now.
Maybe there’s a little voice in your head right now, asking … why are you not living this life full
of abundance already? Why are you not ALREADY experiencing the incredible life of abundance
you truly deserve?
Well, even if you don’t realize it, there’s a frightening truth behind your lack of abundance right
There is actually a tiny (but powerful) voice in your head that’s holding you back.
A voice saying that you CAN’T achieve success.
A voice saying you don’t DESERVE a life full of abundance.
A voice you don’t WANT to listen to … a voice you might not even consciously realize IS THERE …
… but it IS.
What you need to know is simple: the messages this voice is giving you are not actually coming
from your true higher self. They are actually a trained ‘survival response’ that comes from your
lifestyle, your environment, and the people you’re surrounded by.
Humans are social creatures; it’s only natural to ‘pick up on’ the emotions and beliefs of others.
And NOBODY is surrounded by positive people 100% of the time (which is why you need this
book, to ‘undo’ the negative programming that’s keeping you trapped right now!
Let me give you a quick example of what this might look like for you …
For instance, you may have grown up in a family or community where it was commonly
accepted that things like wealth, fame and success are ‘unachievable’ or ‘not for people like us’

Your 3 Week Kick-Start Program To Tuning Into Your Destiny, and Supercharging Your Life’s Abundance 5
Maybe you’ve heard some of the expressions that often go along with these beliefs …
Expressions like, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth … I don’t know the right people …
I didn’t go to an Ivy League college … I’ll never be as successful, rich, or happy as the people who
were BORN to it!!
These sayings are common. And they usually accompany a life of LACK (particularly one where
you see others seemingly doing LESS than you, but getting so much more.)
And so you learned to believe that these amazing things – success, money, abundance, true
love, an incredible career – are things only ‘other’ people can have.
People who have the ‘right families’. People who ‘know the right people’. People who ‘went
to the right schools/have the right skills/have so much money behind them that they almost
literally CAN’T fail!’
What most people develop, instead of true aspirations for success and a bright future, aren’t
aspirations …
They’re expectations.
Expectations that getting anywhere you want in life will involve hard work, pain and sacrifice.
And … here’s the REALLY scary part … oftentimes you don’t even realize you HAVE these
expectations. They’re just planted silently inside your mind … shaping your life … and invisibly
controlling your destiny from the inside.
And it is THESE beliefs that have led to choices and situations that have taken you off the one
true path of your destiny.
Because when you are stuck in negative thought patterns, your own mind is actually working to
make these thoughts become your reality – which is the exact opposite of what you want your
reality to be!
What you need to know right now is that NONE OF THAT STUFF MATTERS ANY MORE.
Starting right this second, you not only DESERVE success, money, love, and happiness …
But you finally have the only tool you will EVER need to make those dreams your REALITY.
And not some distant point in the future, either.
Not after a bunch of hard work, sweat and tears, either.
But starting this second RIGHT NOW … and more quickly and easily than you could ever have

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