A Life of Abundance…

Life od Abundance

Life of Abundance

Living a life full of abundance means unlocking parts of yourself that you didn’t know existed before. To some, living in abundance means financial freedom, but that definition is far too limiting. Whether or not you have money, abundance is still possible when you find your inner self. This concept incorporates gratitude as well as an enjoyment of the here and now. It is simply the ability to see through the world through an optimistic lens and live each day full of purpose. The more that you remember to remain in this space and approach the world from an abundant mindset, the more joy you’ll have in your life. If you’re struggling to achieve this goal, then use these 7 keys to a life of abundance and start living your best life now.


i. Change Your Mindset

Having an abundant life requires the right mindset. If you see the world every day through a lens of lacking, then you probably feel as though you are missing out on the important areas of life. And remember that you can change your idea of “want” to the idea of just “not have.” There are many things that you’ll never have, but those things may not matter if you won’t truly enjoy them. When you realize that you don’t want just meaningless stuff in your life, you begin to achieve personal freedom.

The second part of this mindset is trusting and believing that everything you’ll ever need is available to you. All you have to do is to work for and accept the potential gifts in your life. Imagine that you are walking through an apple orchard that is heavy with ripe, low-hanging fruit. You may be walking through that orchard believing that you’re starving to death, when actually, everything you need is right in front of you. In our lives, the resources available to us are incredible. Our problem is not a lack of abundance, but merely not having the right mindset to recognize those opportunities or the skills to know what to do with these resources.


  1. Find Your Meaning

You’ll truly find your life of abundance when you have a sense of meaning in your life. First, let’s start with defining “meaning.” Meaning is all about purpose. If you have a defined purpose in your life, then this end goal is going to serve as your key driver and provide with the reason and motivation needed to go through the boring and mundane parts of everyday life.     Remember that though you may be living a life of abundance, you’ll still have to change diapers, take out the trash, and sit through boring meetings. But, when you have a strong sense of meaning in your life, it’s much easier to stay on track.

Search out your meaning in life, knowing that it may not be an easy task. For some, their purpose is to help people through music, medical skills, or other vocations. Your meaning may be completely different, so spend some time finding what truly drives you in life.


  1. Find your Motivation

Tapping into your meaning or purpose is going to be what gives you motivation. You may be struggling to get by from day-to-day and when you’re having trouble, you’ll need to rely on your sense of meaning. As well as this meaning, you can also be motivated by knowing that you’re doing what you truly love. If you’re a teacher, you may love to help people learn and grow through your teaching. Without this motivation present, living in a state of abundance is going to be challenging. Find what you truly love and move forward.


  1. Build Meditation Habits

Meditation can certainly be used to help you deal with stress and anxiety, but it also has many benefits for your state of mind by helping you to move into a mindset of abundance. When you begin to meditate effectively, you’ll get to a place where you can rise above any confusion and self-doubt into a space that’s clear and full of good feelings. In this space, you’ll have access to your higher mind which is the part of you that isn’t worried about anything and has a long-lasting perspective. You’ll be connected to the idea and truth of abundance. You’ll even start to notice your scarcity mindset leaving. Once you’ve gotten into this heightened state, you don’t need to meditate on a continuous basis to draw on the wisdom that you’ve gained. So, even though you may not meditate regularly, remember this mindset as you face the challenges of life.


  1. Market Your Value

Marketing probably doesn’t seem like it has a place in this article about abundance. However, marketing is often a misunderstood concept, so keep on reading if you’re feeling cynical. Take the manipulative ads and sales tactics from your mind and try to think of marketing for what it truly is at its core: taking the value that you provide and communicating it to the world.

Everyone provides value. You provide value to your friends and family through your love, loyalty, care, and security. If you are in business, you provide value to your customers.

So, marketing is just being aware of the value that you provide to the various people in your life and communicating your value to them in an honest manner from a desire to help. Living an abundant life is much easier if you can market yourself in this way, both personally and professionally. It can even be a pleasure.


  1. Change Your Monetary Mindset

Money is certainly not the key to everything, but it is important in society. You may have found that extra money doesn’t tend to make you very happy, even though not having enough can be difficult. When you’re struggling to pay the bills, you do feel a significant amount of stress on a regular basis.

So, in order to live abundantly, you do need to think about maintaining a good flow of cash. Most people solve this issue by having a job, but if you struggle to enter the normal workforce, then you may need to remember that cash is necessary to have a normal lifestyle and without it, you’ll have trouble meeting the other goals. The key to having a healthy approach to finances is by realizing that you need to address your emotional hang-ups about money. Money is nothing more than a system for exchanging value. It is not evil, but should not be seen as more than it is.


  1. Manage Your Life

Once again, it may seem that managing your life doesn’t belong in this list, but it is actually incredibly important. Without having a system in place to make your personal and professional lives efficient, you’ll struggle to truly live in abundance.

Managing your life may take some time, and it’s probably an area that you’ll have to work on throughout your life. However, by yourself or with the help of experts, you can be more efficient with your time.



These are the 7 keys to a life in abundance. It may seem like these seven keys are overwhelming at first, but start with one and you’ll begin to see small but noticeable changes. Over time, using these keys will help you lead a full and successful life.

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