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Relationships require nurturing – Once the initial flush of romance has passed, all relationships become stale, they loose their sparkle and passion, whether you are together for one year or twenty years. Check out these 10 Tips to help you overcome the blockages and rough patches of your love life. Put the spark back in your relationship…


Share your dreams

Turn off the TV and talk about things that you both like. Don’t let dreams die just because you think you know everything that there is to know about your partner – communication is one of the biggest parts of a relationship. Listening is just as vital as talking. If one of you has the need to communicate (no matter how trivial it seems) the other really needs to listen carefully and, if necessary, react appropriately.

Create a bucket list together of everything you want to do and see – places you want to visit, the dream home you have in mind and what you want your family to experience together.


A New Hobby Together

Try something new to excite one another again and regain closeness.

If you’re used to going to the same restaurant over and over, try a new type of food – whether it’s ethnic or local cuisine doesn’t matter, as long as it is something you haven’t experienced together in a while.

Think about some romantic ideas – Visit a Cuban or Moroccan restaurant that requires you to eat with your hands and share food, go on a romantic picnic in the park, or try something new like salsa dancing or seeing a show that you used to love but haven’t done for awhile.


Show You Care with the Small Things

A simple gesture of thanks, whether it is saying thank you for emptying the bin, cooking a nice meal or for just being there goes an awful long way. While we show gratitude to strangers we easily forget to do the same for our partners.

Remember small things that your partner may love and surprise her or him – tickets for her favorite show, cooking him his favorite meal, delivering her favorite cupcake to her at work and a romantic night away to remind you how much you love each other’s company.

Give each other love notes that are short and sweet and symbolic of how much you love and think about each other throughout the day. Leave sticky notes with little messages – not saying: “Remember to put the bins out” – and leave them where your loved one can find them. Send a card with some heartfelt words and then post it.

Kissing is one of the most intimate things you can do fully dressed and will help build up the romantic bond between you.


Take Her on a Date

Have fun together! Remind yourselves what you really enjoyed before you got bogged down in the humdrum of life. Make the date all about your partner and take romance to a new level. Or even have a power cut. That means no TV, no music, no lights. Just candles and the two of you.

Send a text message to your partner saying you’ll pick her/him up right after work. Focus on flowers and flattery – book a reservation at her favorite restaurant and feed each other dessert.

Don’t forget special dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. They are ideal for going out.


Flirt Again

Make time for each other and get back that excited, over-the-top feeling by flirting with one another again. Feel the butterflies in your stomach again. Use sexy text messages to get your point across when you’re not together, and speak in lip locks when you’re together again.

Use conversations with double meanings – “This food is pretty hot. You know, I know something else that’s hot too …” and stare right into his eyes!

And say to each other “I love you.” We tend to forget these 3 words as relationships progress. Pay each other compliments, tell the other how good they look.


Run Away with Her

Get someone to look after the kids and find out that romance can be as easy as a change of scenery – plan a trip to a hotel that is quiet and away from your busy life where you can just do fun things together that you can never do at home.

Remember that no interruptions such as cellphones or laptops and iPad are allowed – leave them at home!


Spice Up Your Sex Life

Try something new in your love life – romantic candles, music, more foreplay, a heightened sense of touch that your partner will become aroused by. Variety and spontaneity are important elements in a healthy sex life Focus on what makes your partner happy and satisfied, and look for opportunities to flatter and compliment before getting into the sexual act.  Plenty more tips here:–6-10#Cml1Zvrp0BS1PCVU.99


Surprise Your Partner at Work

Bringing her flowers or her favorite restaurant’s take-out is a guaranteed sweet move to make – if you can’t remember the last time you’ve done this, it’s been too long.

Visit just to say you love her/him. Stop by just to give your partner a smile and a kiss. Remind him how crazy you are for him and that you just wanted to take some time out of your day to remind him in person.


Communicate about What Turns You On

As we get older and our lifestyles change, our tastes change – which means your partner’s tastes change too! Treat each other as if you’ve just met and ask your partner what she/he likes and doesn’t like, and what excites her/him!

Be honest with your partner – does each kiss still excite you, or do you need him to be more passionate about it? Talk to each other and use body language  to show your partner what you like and what you do not like.. (That way, it’s easier for her to replicate it!)


Spontaneous Sex (More Often)

Do you know how many positions there are? Read up on some positions you’ve never tried, and then go for it.

Have sex in different locations. Are you a risk taker or a bit more reserved? Have sex outdoors (if that excites you and your partner), or keep it indoors, but try different rooms in the house!


Last Thought …

When you spend time flirting, acting romantic through small gestures of appreciation and focusing on the small things that make your partner happy, the spark you’ve been missing from your love life can show back up instantly!



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