1. Avoid the standard Office Snacks and Lunches

  • Drink a glass of water for each cup of coffee to avoid dehydration. Try to stick to a maximum of 4 cups of coffee per day.
  • Avoid the normal office snacks without protein and fiber. Vending machine food should be avoided.
  • Pack your own lunchbox with non-processed foods. Fruit, nuts, vegetables and full grain low GI bread is the best replacement for office snacks. Add some proteins such as cheese and turkey.

  2. Affirmations

  • “I enjoy what I am learning right now, this day is just a moment in my career, and I will and rise above it!”
  • “I believe to go the extra mile in my work and in my relationships and will receive rewards for doing that..”
  • “I am skilled and highly professional in what I do, my co-workers and my boss appreciate it.”

  3. Lunch Hour Meditation

  • Do not work through lunch – unless it is a once-off situation – it will increase your stress level.
  • Close your office door or find a place where you could meditate during your lunch break. Use meditation sound tracks, close your eyes and relax totally. See yourself in a beautiful place, feel the warm rays of the sun on your face, feel the soft sand under your feet and smell the sweet aroma of flowers around you. See yourself lying on the green grass and enjoying the total relaxation.

  4. Use Lists

Lists are excellent ways to avoid stress – make sure they are handy and visible. Make a pros and cons list for every goal you have; a daily list for all of your tasks; and a weekly planner for each major work goal.

  • Keep the list up to date and record / cross off completed tasks – it will instantly make you feel that you accomplishing your goals!

  5. Save as Much as you can.

  • Getting laid off unexpectedly is one of the biggest work stressors.
  • Focus on great performance. Value you job – the money value of a good job is very high. Try and see your job as your own business
  • Plan ahead – Try to keep at least 3 months’ worth of expenses in a savings account. Insurance can also help to reduce the stress of losing your job.

  6. Breathing Exercises during the Day

  • Breathing helps you stay calm in stressful situations. De-stress with every breath you take consciously.
  • Deep breathing improves brain function, job performance and energy levels.
  • Take time to breathe when you do your emails, listen to your boss or focus on your meeting notes

  7. Start with the Most Difficult Task

  • A high workload could be a severe work stressor.
  • If you start with the hardest task first, and the one that takes up the most time you automatically avoid procrastination.
  • With the difficult tasks completed, you will enjoy the easier tasks more.

  8. Stop Gossip in the Office

  • Do not get involved in the chatter around the coffee station. Gossip can weigh you down.
  • Caught in a gossip session? Try to change the topic and leave the discussion before it reverts back to gossip.
  • Leave the gossip to other and show your boss and everyone around that you want to be liked because of your positive and energetic attitude.

  9. Visualization – It becomes your Reality!

  • Visualize pleasing images that bring you happiness like walking outdoors in nature.
  • The stress of your workload is forgotten when you focus on somewhere happy.

 10. Reduce Overtime – if Possible!

  • Although occasional overtime may be necessary, it should not become the norm.
  • To stay past the 5pm requirement and work late into the night to prove to yourself (or your boss) that you can take it all, it a sure stressor.

Why not…

  • Work smarter instead of harder?
  • Maximize your work day and decrease the number of tasks on your plate.
  • VBL – Visualization, Breathing and Lists would minimize your work stressors – Guaranteed!

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