John Maxwell said in his book “BE ALL YOU CAN BE” that there are basically 3 levels of living:SEE IT — SAY IT — SEIZE IT !

See it – Some of us have excellent sight but lack the ability to see the opportunities in life. We must train ourselves to see the opportunities. We can all look at the same landscape but we don’t see the same things. The best way to train our subconscious mind to see the opportunities presented in life is to visualize.”Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose.”    Bo Bennett As children we all dreamt of our great lives ahead… Somehow we lost some, if not all, of our dreams and we landed on a treadmill. We are too afraid to jump off, we stash our dreams in dark compartments and believe that what we have in life is all that there is! Take your dream, dust it off and let it help you with difficult decisions because you know that there are greater things to come.Your dream will help you to pay the price to achieve the end result. The most important part to firmly found your dream in your unconscious mind is through living your dream in your mind. The problem is, many people can’t effectively visualize and need to learn that it is more then just “seeing it in your mind.”
You want to the BEST you – and the first question you must ask yourself is:
Do I have a dream to become my BEST self.  Do you sometimes think: There must be more to life than this! Would you love to make money doing what you love?Maybe you’ve stacked your dream in a cupboard or in the loft. The only way to
find your dream again is to sit down somewhere, alone in a quiet place and
rediscover your dream, your mission, your vision, your purpose.When Helen Keller was asked once what would be worse than born blind, she replied: “To have sight and no vision.” If you don’t have a dream you won’t become what you could become. Stephen Covey said in his best-seller 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: “Begin with the end in mind.”Visualize your dream and use all your energy to start seizing your dream as a first step towards success and a life of abundance.

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