Happiness: everyone wants it, yet relatively few seem to get enough of it…

A large percentage of your level of happiness is totally within your control: relationships, health, career, etc. So even if you’re genetically disposed to be somewhat gloomy, you can still do things to make yourself a lot happier. Happiness is, to a large extend, a choice. Start by doing many small things that make you happier.


This Moment Is All You Have – Stop thinking about the past, or worrying about the future. You can only do something at this moment in time – focus on today, and only on today.

Enjoy every moment of your day, enjoy the small things such as sipping a cup of coffee, playing with your children, talking to friends and helping people less fortunate.  You can’t control what will happen two hours from now and you can’t change what happened yesterday. Take time to enjoy nature and the wonders of the world.

The single moment is where happiness is – how happy you are in it is all up to you! “Things” only provide momentary bursts of happiness. Don’t chase “things” but rather experiences.

Be Grateful for Each Second

If you find it difficult to “enjoy the moment,” focus on giving thanks for what this moment represents: good health, a roof over your head, a sense of your spirituality, an exciting date to look forward to …

Give your appreciation to each moment—that will attract more good things to come! So be grateful for what you have… then actively try to achieve more. Be grateful for every small step towards your goal.

Write down a few things you are grateful for every evening. Research showed that people who wrote down 5 things they were thankful for once a week were 25% happier after 10 weeks.

Focus on Your “Happy Place”

The beach, a quiet room, a concert performed by your favorite band—pick your own happy place and redirect your energy and perspective to something that makes you feel good!

Your “happy place” can be anything—a person, place or thing that improves the way you feel about yourself. Stop and smell a few roses. Enjoy what nature offers – see the beauty in new leaves, the colors in fall, feel the crisp air in winter and look in awe at the millions of stars at night.

Visualize being there, and take in everything it offers. Repeat throughout your day, “I take love, peace and kindness with me everywhere I go.”

Remember That You Can’t Control Much – Except for Your Thoughts

You can’t control what other people do – don’t attach yourself to what they can or can’t provide you, as only you can give yourself happiness.

Have you noticed how bad things happen when you are in a bad mood? Have you noticed how many things you do and say that you later regret when you are feeling down? On the other hand, have you noticed how many great things happen to you when you are exited? Have you noticed how inspired you are when you are exhilarated?

What do you think puts you in a bad mood or a great mood?  Do you think it is other people? Or your environment? Do you think it is your genes? Do things outside your control dictate your mood swings?

Control your thoughts with positive affirmations and visualizations. “I can create the perfect reality for my life as I see fit, and it looks like this …”

Get Excited Like Children Does

Life too serious these days? Get down on the ground, and mimic what a child looks at and how he/she sees the world.

Laugh at the things children do, and be silly for the sake of it. Learn to play again!

Try this: Lie down outside on your back, and stare up at the trees and sky! (The world looks fun from this angle!)

Take Your Dog Out for a Walk (and Let Him Lead!)

Dogs can perk your mood right up—take yours for a walk and don’t control him, just let him walk you for a change.

Track where he goes, and takes pictures of him throughout the walk—get outside your own life by watching his. Does he love a particular flower, or does he head for the hills?

Give Your Time Away

Give your time to others, and you’ll instantly feel happy. It feels awesome to help someone who needs it. Not only is helping those in need fulfilling, it’s also a reminder of how comparatively fortunate we are.

Contribute to any cause you’re passionate about—smile, and get to know those you’re helping. Ask questions about their lives and make them feel as if they matter.

Focus on the difference you’re making in someone’s life, and make a monthly commitment (or whatever works with your schedule).

Repeat this affirmation: “I make a difference in the lives I touch, and they make a difference in mine.”

Finger Paint

Paint using only your hands.

Follow your instincts, and trust the process of finger painting—it will allow you to express yourself while blending together the perfect assortment of colors!

Don’t give yourself “rules” for coloring. Just freely glide your hand into the paint, and paint as you may.

Write Your Heart Out

Stressed out? If it’s because of a particular person (a demanding boss, insensitive boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.) write out a mock letter (which you don’t have to send).

Write freely, with no reservations about what you have to say.

Don’t censor yourself—the very act of writing can be a great way to purge negative feelings that prevent happiness.

After writing the letter, read it out loud and throw it away.

Get to Know Where You Came From

Find someone in your family (an older relative such as a grandparent, uncle or aunt) who can recall memories about his or her early life, or fascinating periods of history.

Learn where you came from, and what perspective your family members have about things you could never experience yourself. This is a rich way to learn about them, yourself and the world.

Gain a fresh perspective by listening to their stories, and improve your own happiness and appreciation.

We asked people to define happiness – and here are some answers:

“The thing that makes me happy is spending time with my husband, our children, the rest of our family and good friends. Good memories stay with you forever.”

“Money is not relevant for me. It’s about good friends, good family and health. It’s being grateful and content with your lot. Happiness is a frame of mind.”

Happiness is all about the feelings you generate within. It is about yourself, relationship, goals, money, receiving, giving, purpose, forgiveness, gratitude and presence. Focus on reconnecting with family members, giving back to your community and taking the time to have a child’s perspective. When you do, you’ll see that you hold the power over your own happiness!

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